Geography Chapter 12 - Conventional Sources of Energy

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Which conventional source of energy is known as the highest grade coal?


Where is peat found according to the text?

Nilgiri mountains

Which state benefits from hydel power generated at Bhakra Nangal Dam according to the text?


In which region is bituminous coal mainly distributed?

West Bengal

What is the main use of coal mentioned in the text?

Running machines

Which conventional source of energy has the least carbon content?


Which region in India is known for the production of oil mainly from offshore zones?

Mumbai High offshore zone

What is a major disadvantage of using coal for manufacturing iron & steel?

Heavy losses due to mine fires

Which oil field in India is considered the oldest and biggest?


What makes petroleum a convenient form of energy for transportation?

High density and liquid form

Which region in India is known for producing a significant amount of natural gas?

Mumbai High

What characteristic makes natural gas a preferable fuel compared to diesel or gasoline?

Cleaner and cheaper fuel

Explore the conventional sources of energy including coal, petroleum, natural gas, and hydel power. Learn about the distribution, advantages, and disadvantages of these sources. Study the location and benefits of hydel power plants like Bhakra Nangal Dam and Hirakud.

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