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Geography Quiz: Dead Sea, Himalayas, and World Regions

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Which two countries border the Dead Sea?

Israel and Jordan

In which continent is the Gobi Desert located?


What is the approximate population of Asia?


Which city hosts the largest urban area globally?

Tokyo, Japan

What is the capital of Pakistan?


Where is the Arabian Peninsula geographically located?


What countries does the Dead Sea lie between?

Israel and Jordan

Which country is NOT located on the Arabian Peninsula?


In which continent is the Gobi Desert situated?


Which city is the largest urban area in the world by population?

Mumbai, India

What is the capital city of Lebanon?


Which river is not located in Asia?

Nile River

Which country does not have a coastline along the Dead Sea?


Which physical feature is not located in Southwestern Asia?

Sahara Desert

Which country is not home to the Himalayas?


Which river is not found in Asia?


What is the largest urban area by population?

Tokyo, Japan

Which country is geographically NOT located in Central Asia?


Study Notes

Geography and Countries

  • The Dead Sea is located between Israel and Jordan.
  • The Dead Sea is situated in the Southwestern Asia region.
  • The Himalayas, the world's highest mountain range, are located in Asia.
  • The Arabian Peninsula is a physical feature located in Southwestern Asia.

Population and Urban Areas

  • Approximately half of the world's population resides in Asia.
  • The population of Asia is approximately 4,462,677,000.
  • Tokyo, Japan is home to the largest urban area in the world.

Capitals of Countries

  • The capital of China is Beijing.
  • The capital of India is New Delhi.
  • The capital of Pakistan is Islamabad.

Test your geography knowledge with this quiz covering the locations of the Dead Sea, the Himalayas, and identifying world regions. See if you can correctly identify the countries surrounding the Dead Sea, the continent where the Himalayas are located, and more!

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