General Principles of Taxation

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Which principle of taxation emphasizes that the more benefit one receives, the more tax they should pay?

Which requisite of taxation implies that tax must be imposed under a legislative authority?

What does the Lifeblood Doctrine state regarding the imposition of taxes?

Which concept of taxation is based on contributing based on one's capacity?

In the context of taxation, what does Vertical equity primarily focus on?

What is the purpose of taxation related to raising funds?

Which is NOT a limitation of the inherent power of the state in taxation?

What type of tax is based on weight rather than value?

Where does the situs of taxation for personal property typically occur?

What is one of the powers and duties of the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR)?

Which type of taxation principle focuses on equitability based on ability to pay and received benefits?

What does a regressive tax system generally involve?

What is the main reason for the collection of advances being taxable upon receipt?

In a progressive tax system, what happens to tax rates as income levels increase?

Which type of tax is based on value rather than weight?


Test your knowledge on the general principles of taxation, including inherent state power, enforcing proportional contributions for public services, and allocating costs based on benefit. Explore the requisites and theory of taxation in this quiz.

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