Taxation: Nature and Power of the State

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What is taxation defined as?

The power of the state to collect revenues for public purposes only

When should tax payments be made according to the text?

Every 15th day of April

What is the purpose of taxation mentioned in the text?

To generate revenue for public welfare and government activities

What branch of government has the authority to impose taxes according to the text?


What phase of taxation involves the impact of taxation?

Levy or Imposition

Why is taxation considered the lifeblood of any state?

To provide essential services

How is tax defined in the text?

A mandatory contribution in money for public needs

According to John Smith, what does equity in taxation entail?

Taxation based on ability to pay

Why is it important for people to have social awareness regarding taxation?

To enable effective government functioning

Which term describes the requirement that the amount and time for tax payment must be definite?


What is inherent about the power of taxation, according to the text?

It exists independently of the constitution

What must taxation be based on according to the text?

'The capacity to pay' of individuals

Learn about the inherent power of the state in taxation, which exists independently of the constitution. Discover why taxation is essential for every government and how only the legislative branch can impose taxes.

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