General Biology: Recombinant DNA Applications

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What is the main goal of gene cloning in the context of DNA manipulation?

To make thousands of copies of a single gene of interest

In the process of gene design, what do genetic engineers typically do to a cloned gene in order to make it functional in a new organism?

Replace gene regions with enzymes

Which method of transformation aims to insert new genes into cells without harming them?


What is the purpose of backcross breeding in agriculture when dealing with transgenic plants?

To obtain high yielding transgenic lines by crossing with elite breeding lines

What distinguishes recombinant DNA from normal DNA?

It is artificially created by combining DNA from different sources

How does gene design differ from gene cloning in the context of genetic engineering processes?

Gene cloning creates multiple gene copies, while gene design modifies the genes for functionality

What is the main purpose of genetically engineering golden rice?

To promote B-carotene biosynthesis

Which industry focuses on growing commercial crops with recombinant DNA to increase resistance to herbicides?

Agricultural Industry

What is a common feature of homologous structures in different organisms?

They show common ancestry and are similar in function

Which type of structures are remains of a structure that is no longer functional but show common ancestry?

Vestigial Structures

What do fossils primarily provide evidence for?

Evolutionary changes over time

What is a key observation scientists made about embryos during their development in different animals?

All vertebrates have a post-anal tail and paired pharyngeal pouches

Explore the applications of recombinant DNA in various industries such as the food industry, pharmaceutical industry, medical research, and agriculture. Learn about gene cloning, transformation, backcross breeding, and gene design.

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