General Biology 2_3rd Quarter Review: Recombinant DNA and Stem Cells

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According to the passage, which of the following did Darwin not know at the time he observed individual variations in a species?

That gene existed

What evidence of evolution does the passage discuss related to comparative anatomy?

Comparing similar structures in various species

According to the passage, what is unusual about the Venus flytrap?

It cannot get nutrients from live animals

What can be inferred about the relationship between the three organisms discussed in the passage?

The first two are more closely related to each other than they are to the third

What evidence does the passage provide for the evolution of whales from land-dwelling animals?

Whales have a pelvis with small leg bones attached to it

What does the passage state about the relationship between modern sea star larvae and primitive invertebrate larvae?

Modern sea star larvae and primitive invertebrate larvae develop heads with ciliary bands early

Which technology directly involves the manipulation of DNA molecules?

Recombinant DNA technology

What is the primary characteristic of stem cells?

They have the ability to renew themselves and give rise to various cell types.

Which of the following is NOT a potential therapeutic use of embryonic stem cells mentioned in the text?

Treating genetic disorders through gene therapy

What implication does the discovery of a moss-resistant grass have for recombinant DNA technology in agriculture?

It provides a natural source of moss-resistant genes for crop improvement.

Which statement about prokaryotes is NOT true according to the information provided?

Complex organisms such as mammals did not evolve from prokaryotes.

According to the information provided, in which geographical location does genetic drift occur more rapidly?


Prepare for your General Biology 2 exam with this review quiz covering topics such as recombinant DNA and stem cells. Test your knowledge on genetic engineering and the potential therapeutic uses of stem cells.

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