General Biology 2: St. Mark Reviewer Plants Quiz

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_______ has pollen that is carried by wind to female cones


Epiphytes are plants that grow harmlessly upon another plant, deriving moisture and nutrients from the air, rain, and sometimes from _______


Roots are a system for absorbing dissolved nutrients and water, and _______


Xylem tissue in plants contains cells that make hollow tubes allowing water to rise through _______

capillary action

Meristematic tissue allows the plant to grow up, down, or out, and the apical meristem allows growth at the tips of the root and the tips of the _______


Fruits are the seed-bearing structure in flowering plants formed from the _______


Plants make their own energy through ______


Seedless Nonvascular Plants like mosses, liverworts, and hornworts lack tissue to move water and sap throughout the plant, they are small, short plants that mostly live in a ______ environment


Vascular Plants have three subdivisions: Seedless Vascular include ferns, horsetails, and clubmosses. Their sperm travels in water to reach the egg. The other two subdivisions are Two Seed Bearing Vascular known as ______


______ need sunlight, water, CO2, and oxygen to survive


Angiosperms are ______ plants that include flowering plants, grasses, and deciduous trees


Monocotyledons have seeds which create 1 leaf when sprouting, while Dicotyledons have seeds which create ______ leaves when sprouting


Test your knowledge on plants in General Biology 2 with this quiz based on St. Mark Reviewer material. Learn about the characteristics of eukaryotic plants, their energy production through photosynthesis, essential survival needs, and different types of plants like seedless nonvascular and vascular plants.

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