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What is garden design?

What are the two main components of garden design?

What factors influence garden design?

What is a formal garden?

What is a cottage garden?

What is a rock garden?

What is a contemporary garden?

What is a Japanese garden?

What do professional garden designers have training in?


Designing plans for layout and planting of gardens:

  • Garden design is the process of designing and creating plans for layout and planting of gardens and landscapes.

  • Professional garden designers have some training in horticulture and the principles of design; some are also landscape architects.

  • Elements of garden design include the layout of hardscape (paths, walls, water features, sitting areas, and decking) and softscape (plants), with consideration for their horticultural requirements, season-to-season appearance, lifespan, growth habit, and combinations with other plants and landscape features.

  • Garden design considers how the garden will be used, the desired stylistic genre, and the way the garden space will connect to the home or other structures in the surrounding areas.

  • A garden's location, topography, soils, and climate zone influence its design.

  • Soil quality influences the types of plants that will grow successfully in the garden.

  • Boundaries and surfaces affect a garden's design.

  • Planting design requires design talent and aesthetic judgment combined with a good level of horticultural, ecological, and cultural knowledge.

  • Garden furniture, lighting, and sunlight are important aspects of garden design.

  • The Islamic garden tradition began with creating the Paradise garden in Ancient Persia.

  • Mediterranean gardens, Renaissance formal gardens, and English Renaissance gardens are examples of garden design history and precedents from certain regions.

  • Formal gardens are laid out in carefully planned geometric and often symmetrical lines, with trees, shrubs, subshrubs, other foliage, and formal hedges.Types of Gardens and Their Features

  • Formal gardens feature symmetrical designs, geometric shapes, and water features such as fountains.

  • English landscape and naturalistic gardens are characterized by the sweeping away of geometries, with naturalistic designs that transformed garden design across Europe.

  • Cottage gardens are informal gardens that use traditional materials, dense plantings, and a mixture of ornamental and edible plants.

  • Kitchen gardens, also known as potagers, are seasonally used spaces that are a source of herbs, vegetables, fruits, and flowers, and are designed based on repetitive geometric patterns.

  • Shakespeare gardens cultivate plants mentioned in the works of William Shakespeare and usually include several dozen species and walkways with relevant quotations.

  • Rock gardens or alpine gardens feature extensive use of rocks and stones, along with plants native to rocky or alpine environments.

  • Native gardens, also known as natural landscaping, use native plants that are adapted to the climate, geography, hydrology, and require no pesticides, fertilizers, and watering to maintain.

  • Contemporary gardens are defined by the use of clean design lines, with focus on hard landscaping materials like stone, hardwood, and rendered walls.

  • Residential gardens are the most common form of garden and are typically designed at human scale for private use, with some early examples like the Donnell Garden in Sonoma, CA, regarded as modernist icons.

  • Japanese and Korean gardens can be found at private homes, in neighborhood or city parks, and at historical landmarks such as Buddhist temples, with various styles and plantings that evoke wabi-sabi simplicity.


Test your knowledge of garden design with our quiz! From the history of garden design to the principles of hardscape and softscape layout, this quiz will challenge your understanding of the elements that create beautiful and functional gardens. Whether you're a gardening enthusiast or a professional designer, this quiz will put your skills to the test. So put on your gardening gloves and get ready to dig into this quiz!

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