Frog Systematic Position and Study

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What adaptation helps the Frog to receive sound waves?


Why do frogs bury themselves deep into mud during winter?

To hibernate

What is the purpose of aestivation for frogs?

To rest during summer

Which part of the frog has a small triangular head that is flattened and blunt at the anterior end?


What color is the dorsal surface of the Frog?

Green with black spots

What is the purpose of studying frogs?

To dissect a good representative of higher vertebrates

How do frogs primarily catch their prey?

By using their sticky tongue to capture prey

During which season do male frogs produce characteristic sounds?


What is the habitat preference of frogs?

Moist places near fresh water bodies

Why are frogs considered gluttons?

They eat too much without feeling full

Learn about the systematic position of a frog in the animal kingdom and the purpose of studying frogs. Explore their habit and habitat characteristics. Get insights into the classification of frogs and their significance in biology.

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