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What are the two main regions of the frog's skin?

Epidermis and dermis

From which embryonic layer is the epidermis of the frog's skin formed?


What is the name of the innermost layer of the frog's epidermis?

Malpighian layer

What happens to the cells in the Malpighian layer of the frog's skin?

Constantly dividing by mitosis to produce new cells

What is the outermost dead layer of the frog's skin called?

Stratum corneum

Describe the composition of the frog's body wall.

The frog's body wall is made up of the skin, underlying muscles, and an innermost layer of peritoneum.

What are the two main regions of the frog's skin?

The two main regions of the frog's skin are the outer epidermis and the inner dermis.

What is the function of the Malpighian layer in the frog's skin?

The Malpighian layer constantly produces new cells through mitosis, which then move upwards, get flattened, and become keratinized to form the outermost dead layer.

How is the dermis of the frog's skin described?

The dermis is a tough but flexible and vascularized layer.

What happens to the outermost dead layer of the frog's skin?

The outermost dead layer is periodically shed during moulting.

Frog Body Wall Anatomy Quiz: Test your knowledge of the frog's body wall, including its skin layers, muscles, and peritoneum. Explore the structure and composition of the epidermis and dermis in this amphibian's protective covering.

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