Fitness Quiz: Muscle Building and Strength Training

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19 Questions

Can you build muscle and lose fat at the same time?

Which rep range is better for building muscle when going to ultimate failure?

Who was the first person to deadlift 505kg’s?

For an average lifter who has been consistently lifting weights for around 2 years, what is considered the most effective range of weekly sets per muscle group to promote muscle growth and strength development?

Which of these is the most important for fat loss?

What is the maximum amount of protein that can be absorbed in one meal?

Which exercise focuses on driving the hips outwards and also targets the hips?

What is the primary muscle worked during a Romanian deadlift?

Which of these can you take pre-workout and can provide added value during your workout?

What is a legit way to naturally boost your testosterone?

What is a realistic testosterone range for a 15-year-old male experiencing puberty?

How much should a 80kg male with average genetics be able to squat after 5-10 years of serious training?

What is the world record snatch in the 73kg weight class?

What is the world record squat in the 120+ kg weight class, set by Ray Williams?

How many bones does the human body have?

If a 70kg male diets at 2000 cals/day, what is his suggested fat intake?

Which of the following foods contains the most omega-3 per 100g?

What is the primary muscle worked during a barbell bent-over row?

What is the term for the maximum amount of oxygen your body can use during intense exercise?


Test your knowledge of fitness and strength training with this quiz. Answer each question and put a triple X after the option you think is correct. From building muscle to strength training, this quiz covers a range of topics.

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