Female Reproductive System: Ovary and Hormonal Orchestration

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What is the function of the mammary glands in the female reproductive system?

Support of offspring

Which of the following is a layer of the cervix and vagina?


What structures are responsible for nutrient and gas exchange in the placenta?

Villi and intervillous space

Which of the following is a function of the female reproductive system?

Fetal-placental growth

What is the main structural component of the ovary responsible for ova production?


Which part of the ovary contains the medullary blood vessels?


Which structure in the ovary is responsible for producing estrogen?

Granulosa cells

What is the function of the corpus luteum in the female reproductive system?

Secretion of progesterone

Which layer surrounds the developing ovum within a Graafian follicle?

Membrana granulosa

What is the main function of the zona pellucida in the ovary?

Protection of the oocyte

Which structure is responsible for producing progesterone in the ovary?

Theca lutein

Which cells are responsible for the production of androgens in the ovary under LH stimulation?

Theca lutein cells

What is the function of relaxin in the female reproductive system?

Causes relaxation of ligaments associated with the pubic symphysis before parturition

Which follicle is the largest and extends from the cortex to the surface of the ovary?

Tertiary follicle

What do Granulosa cells in the ovary do under the influence of FSH stimulation?

Produce estrogens

In which step of meiotic prophase does a maturation arrest occur during oogenesis?


Which cells are known for forming a mound around the oocyte called cumulus oophorus?

Membrana granulosa cells

What is the role of estrogen in the ovary?

Aromatize androgens from Theca lutein cells to produce more estrogens

Learn about the anatomy of the ovary including different types of follicles. Understand the hormonal orchestration involved in the female reproductive system. Explore the structure of the uterine tube and uterus, including their layers and variations along their length.

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