Father of Modern Bacteriology and Koch's Postulates Quiz

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According to international rules, what is nomenclature?

The assignment of names to various taxa

In the binomial system of nomenclature, what does Homo genus sapiens represent?

Genus and species

What is the correct way to express a microbial genus according to the standard method?

Capitalize the first letter of the word

Which term is used as a nickname or slang term for Staphylococcus or staphylococcal?


What is the abbreviation commonly used for Escherichia coli after it has been spelled out once?


Test your knowledge on the father of modern bacteriology and Koch's postulates during the Classical Golden Age of Microbiology (1857 to 1914). Explore concepts like pure culture, mixed culture, and challenges in culturing certain bacteria such as Mycobacterium leprae. Learn about the culture media used for this bacterium, which involves the footpad of mice.

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