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What group did amphibians diverge from that would become the ancestors of modern reptiles and amphibians?

They diverged from the stock that would soon become the amniotes and the ancestors of modern reptiles and amphibians.

From which group of sarcopterygians are tetrapods descendants?

Tetrapods are descendants from a group of sarcopterygian (lobe-finned) fishes.

What is the current consensus on the precise group of sarcopterygians from which tetrapods descended?

The consensus has shifted from the lungfishes (order Dipnoi) to an ancestor within a group of related fishes: family Panderichthyidae of order Osteolepiformes or fishes of the order Porolepiformes.

What is highly probable about the interrelationships of the group of sarcopterygian fishes?

Their monophyly (derivation from a common ancestor) is highly probable.

Where did the first tetrapods likely live and what was their likely habitat?

The first tetrapods were likely fully aquatic and probably lived in shallow water and dense vegetation.

Test your knowledge of vertebrate evolution with this quiz on the origins of amphibians and tetrapods. Explore the divergence of amphibians from sarcopterygian fishes and their role in the evolution of modern reptiles and amphibians.

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