Evolution of Legal Research Resources

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What is the best way to find out what books are in the University's collections?

Using the e-library catalogue

What does 'open access' refer to?

Publicly available without restrictions

What is the main purpose of the Directory of Open Access Books (DOAB)?

To provide open access to academic books in the areas of humanities and social sciences

Which institute developed the OBserving Law open access book publishing initiative?

School of Advanced Study and the University of London Press

What does the OAPEN library primarily contain?

Freely accessible academic books

What distinguishes academic literature from non-academic resources?

They are usually peer reviewed and published in subject-specific journals

What is a characteristic of non-academic resources?

They can be biased

Where were legal resources housed prior to the advent of computers?

Physical libraries

What is the typical target audience for academic literature?

Scholars and researchers

How have places where legal resources can be found evolved over time?

From physical libraries to CD-ROMs to online databases

Which of the following is a characteristic of academic literature?

Formal language and extensive list of references

What distinguishes non-academic resources from academic literature?

Written by anyone and not often have references

In what type of language are academic literature written?

Formal language

What is a distinguishing feature of non-academic resources?

Colloquial language and emotional commentaries

What characteristics define the target audience of academic literature?

Scholars and researchers with formal language

What is the primary function of the Commonwealth iLibrary?

Maintaining a collection of books and materials published by the Commonwealth

Which organization developed the OBserving Law open access book publishing initiative?

University of London Press

What is the main focus of the OAPEN library?

Academic books in humanities and social sciences

What does the Directory of Open Access Books (DOAB) aim to achieve?

Increase discoverability of open access books

Where can links to the e-library be typically found at the University of Lagos website?

At the bottom of the home page

Explore the evolution of legal research resources from physical libraries to digital platforms. Learn about the characteristics of academic literature such as books, journal articles, and reports.

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