Ethics and Philosophy: Exploring the Origins and Concepts

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What does the term 'ethics' correspond to according to its etymology?

Character and customs

Who was the first to recognize the need to define ethical concepts and establish a universal standard?


What did Plato find as his standard for ethics?

Ideal Forms

What do moral standards refer to according to the text?

Norms about morally acceptable actions

Where does the validity of moral standards come from?

Line of reasoning that supports them

What is ethics also known as?

Moral philosophy

What is the moral standard for egoism?

Always do what is in your own best interest

According to Kantianism, what is considered a moral mandate for all?

Whatever we wish for everyone to do

What does the moral standard for subjectivism emphasize?

Do whatever you think is correct, being the final arbiter of morality

What is the focus of moral reasoning?

Applying critical analysis to determine right from wrong

Who studies moral reasoning alongside philosophers?


What term describes people reaching strong moral conclusions without logical reasoning?

Moral dumbfounding

Explore the etymology of 'ethics' derived from the Greek word 'ethos' meaning character and the roots of ethics within man's freedom and choices. Learn about the philosophical inquiries of Socrates and Plato in defining ethical concepts and universal standards.

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