Ethics: Branch of Philosophy

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What do virtue-based approaches in ethics focus on?

Developing good character traits

Which of the following is NOT a common ethical principle?


What is the importance of ethics in personal relationships?

Building trust and integrity

In professional contexts, what do ethics guide individuals in maintaining?

Professional integrity

What does ethical decision-making involve?

Identifying ethical issues and evaluating consequences

What do ethical principles serve as in moral conduct and decision-making?


What branch of philosophy deals with moral principles and values?


Which of the following is NOT mentioned as an area where ethics has practical applications?

Legal ethics

What is the study of what is morally right or wrong known as?


Which ethical theory is associated with consequences as the basis for ethical decision-making?


What does ethics provide guidance for?

Making ethical decisions

Which famous philosopher is mentioned in the text as contributing to the definition of ethics?

Friedrich Nietzsche

What is the significance of prioritizing ethics in organizational culture?

Building a culture of trust, integrity, and accountability

How does ethical leadership contribute to organizational success?

By promoting employee satisfaction and stakeholder trust

What role do ethical principles play in navigating moral uncertainty?

Helping individuals solve ethical problems and make fair decisions

How can living ethically contribute to society?

By promoting a fairer, more compassionate, and sustainable world

Why do ethical conduct and decision-making matter in daily life?

Because they shape interpersonal relationships and social standards

What serves as a guide to behavior and decisions in personal and professional life?


Explore the fundamental concepts of ethics in philosophy, including moral principles, values, and the evaluation of human behavior. Learn about making ethical decisions and understanding what is morally right or wrong.

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