Ethical Reasoning and Cognitive Biases

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Which of the following topics will be covered in this course?

What is one specific area that will be examined in terms of ethical responsibilities?

What are some of the learning outcomes of this course?

Which of the following is a reason why people may fail to implement ethical action?

What is the bystander effect?

What skills are necessary for ethical implementation?

What can influence the implementation of a plan to deal with ethical misconduct?

According to the Four Component Model, which of the following is NOT one of the components of ethical thinking?

What is one way of defining 'ethics' mentioned in the text?

What is the purpose of ethical sensitivity in ethical practice?

What are some potential ethical issues raised in the vignette about the 82-year-old woman?

Which cognitive bias might lead a researcher to only report data that confirms their favored hypothesis?

Which cognitive bias might make it harder for a worker to pass on a gift they received from a client?

Which social psychological factor might result in a reluctance to report unethical behavior within a team?

Which cognitive bias might lead a researcher to manipulate data if they believe their work is more important than ethical considerations?


Test your ethical reasoning skills and learn how cognitive biases can impact your decision-making process. Explore the work of Daniel Kahneman and his colleagues to gain insights into moral judgment.

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