ET Reviewer Lesson 1: Multimedia and ICT's Multimedia

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What is the goal of using the multimedia approach according to the text?

To educate the user while entertaining them

Which of the following is a feature of offline multimedia applications as per the text?

Ability to combine online and offline features

What is the main purpose of as mentioned in the text?

To create a platform for petitions and signatures

What is the Global Digital Divide commonly described as?

The gap between information haves and have-nots

During which major protest was Cardinal Sin's radio broadcast instrumental according to the text?

People Power Revolution

What are the 5 main elements of multimedia as described in the text?

Text, images, video, audio, animation

Which element of multimedia can add more attraction to users?


What is the difference between linear and non-linear multimedia?

Linear multimedia has navigation control, while non-linear multimedia requires user interactivity

What kind of multimedia allows users to control the delivery of elements?

Non-Linear Multimedia (Hypermedia Content)

Which type of image file formats are mentioned in the text for multimedia?


Study Notes

Multimedia Approach

  • The goal of using the multimedia approach is to enhance user engagement, participation, and understanding.

Offline Multimedia Applications

  • A feature of offline multimedia applications is that they do not require internet connectivity.

  • The main purpose of is to provide a platform for people to create and sign petitions.

Global Digital Divide

  • The Global Digital Divide is commonly described as the unequal access to technology and the internet around the world.

Cardinal Sin's Radio Broadcast

  • Cardinal Sin's radio broadcast was instrumental during the People Power Revolution in the Philippines.

Elements of Multimedia

  • The 5 main elements of multimedia are text, image, audio, video, and animation.

Multimedia Elements

  • Animation can add more attraction to users.

Linear and Non-Linear Multimedia

  • Linear multimedia is a sequential presentation of information, whereas non-linear multimedia allows users to navigate and control the flow of information.

Interactive Multimedia

  • Interactive multimedia allows users to control the delivery of elements.

Image File Formats

  • The image file formats mentioned in the text for multimedia are GIF, JPEG, and PNG.

This quiz covers the concept of multimedia, including its main elements such as static elements, text, and images. It also explains how multimedia appeals to users for entertainment, learning, and research.

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