Epidemiology: Study of Disease Distribution

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What is the primary focus of epidemiology?

What is the purpose of studying the cause (or etiology) of diseases in epidemiology?

What is dissemination in the context of epidemiology?

How does epidemiology aid in the planning and development of health services and programs?

What does infection mean in the context of epidemiology?

What is the purpose of studying geographic patterns in epidemiology?

What is the immediate location from which the infecting organism has been transmitted?

What term is used for hosts that harbor a pathogen without clinical symptoms and transmit the infection?

Which term is used for a biological source that aids in the transmission of infection from one host to another?

What term is used for an infection where the disease is transmissible from vertebrate animals to humans?

What term represents the number of cases of the disease existing in a given population during a specific period?

Which term represents the number of new cases of a disease in a defined population over a specific period?

'_____ occurrence is a regular, continuing occurrence (a constant number of cases in one geographic area).'

'If the agent is highly transmissible it is said to be ________.'

'Significantly increased occurrence (if the incidence of disease is greater than expected or greater than normal sporadic or endemic disease)' describes a ________.'

'_______ occurrence in multiple countries (the incidence of a disease is spread across continents)'.


This quiz covers the study of determinants, occurrence, and distribution of disease in a defined population and its application to health problem control. It includes uses of epidemiology such as determining the natural course of disease, aiding in health service planning, and providing administrative data.

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