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What type of carrier is capable of transmitting a disease after the clinical state is resolved?

Incubatory carrier

Which pattern of disease occurrence is characterized by a persistent low to moderate level of disease?


In which epidemic pattern are people exposed to a single noxious influence in a group?


Which type of carrier can transmit a disease even before showing clinical symptoms?

Chronic carrier

What distinguishes an endemic disease?

Periodic occurrence with occasional cases

Which pattern of disease occurrence is described as having a high level of occurrence of a disease?


Which type of epidemic curve features a pattern of common source followed by secondary person-to-person spread?

Mixed outbreak

What is the main purpose of mandatory reporting of notifiable diseases?

To track disease occurrence and identify outbreaks early

Which diseases are classified as Class 1 notifiable diseases that require reporting within 24 hours?

Diseases posing a threat to society

What does the attack rate measure in a population?

Frequency of morbidity or speed of spread in an at-risk population

In vector-borne outbreaks, what is essential for the occurrence of the outbreak?

High prevalence of infection in vector species

What distinguishes a zoonotic outbreak from other types of outbreaks?

Originating from animals to humans

In a Common Source Outbreak, what type of epidemic curve is typically observed?

Single curve with steep upward slope and gradual downward slope

Which type of outbreak involves cases being intermittently exposed over a period of days, weeks, or longer?

Intermittent Outbreak

What characterizes a Continuous Outbreak?

Wide epidemic curve with flattened peak

Which type of outbreak does not have a common source and spreads gradually from person to person?

Propagated Outbreak

What is an example of a disease that can be spread through direct contact in a Propagated Outbreak?

HIV transmitted by sharing needles

Which outbreak type involves exposure to contaminated food leading to illness within one incubation period?

Point Source Outbreak

Test your knowledge on epidemic patterns, including common source outbreaks and the different types of outbreak patterns like point source and intermittent outbreaks. Learn about how infectious agents or toxins can lead to different epidemiological patterns.

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