Epidemic Measures in Control of Infectious Diseases

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What is the traditional model for infectious disease causation according to the text?

Epidemiologic triad or triangle

What is a critical premise of epidemiology according to the text?

Disease and health events are more likely to occur in some members of the population

In the epidemiologic triad, what does the 'agent' refer to?

Infectious microorganism or pathogen

What is NOT part of the epidemiologic triad model for infectious diseases?

Treatment plan

What is required for disease to occur?

Interaction between agent and susceptible host

What is one important use of epidemiology mentioned in the text?

Identifying factors that place some individuals at greater risk for diseases

What is the term used to refer to the human who can get the disease?


Which factor can influence an individual's exposure, susceptibility, or response to a causative agent?

Age and sex

What does the epidemiologic triad model prove inadequate for?

Cardiovascular disease

Which of the following is NOT included in the host factors that can influence an individual's response to a causative agent?

Repetitive mechanical forces

What has the concept of an agent been broadened to include over time?

Chemical and physical causes of disease

Which factor can influence an individual's response to a causative agent based on personal choices?

Hygiene practices

Which of the following is NOT considered a host factor that can influence infectious diseases?


What type of factors does the term 'environment' refer to in relation to infectious diseases?

Physical, biologic, and socioeconomic factors

How can overcrowding and poor sanitation contribute to the spread of infectious diseases?

Increasing contact between hosts

What effect can flooding have on mosquito numbers and infectious diseases?

Increase mosquito numbers and infection spread

How can changing climate affect the spread of infectious diseases?

Alter the distribution of disease-transmitting insects

What is the duration of infectiousness in an infected host defined as?

The time during which an infection can be transmitted

Learn about the concepts of disease occurrence and the critical premise of epidemiology in controlling infectious diseases. This quiz covers topics such as risk factors and population health events.

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