Enculturation and Socialization: Identity Formation

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What is the term for an individual's notion of who he or she is in society?

Social identity

Which term refers to the differentiation from the social template and the creation of personal identity?


What are the roles and statuses that are achieved as a child gets enculturated and socialized with their society's norm known as?

Secondary identity

What does primary identity consist of?

Sex, age, and ethnicity

What is the term for the process through which an individual learns the norms of his or her society?


Which term refers to an individual's differentiation from the social template and the creation of personal identity?


According to the Role Learning Theory, how do individuals learn social roles?

Through observation and interaction with others

Which theory suggests that individuals construct their notion of the self through social interactions within a society?

Theory on symbolic interactionism

What do cultural values inform?

Types of aspirations in a society

Which theory argues that values exist to create unity and harmony within the structure and fulfill the needs of the individuals?

Functionalism theory

What are Folkways?

Socially approved behaviors with no moral underpinning

What do Mores refer to?

Moral conventions in a society

Which behavior is an example of a Taboo?

'Forbidden' behavior in all cultures

In which theory are cultural values sometimes a source of conflict?

'Conflict theory'

Why do laws consist of rules and regulations?

To maintain order and provide guidelines for behavior

Explore the process of identity formation through enculturation and socialization. Understand how individuals learn societal norms and develop a personal identity that both separates them from the group and integrates them into its system.

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