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What is the purpose of the employee files review mentioned in the text?

To determine the best type of employee for the organization

What conclusion can be drawn from the correlation coefficient of r = 1.27 calculated by Mr. Pearson?

The correlation coefficient is invalid

Which part of the job description is likely to affect the applicants' perception of the status and worth of a job?

Salary and benefits

What is the issue that Psych4a seems to be experiencing, as described in the text?

Ineffective promotion practices

What method of job analysis is Allan using, as described in the text?

Expert panel

What is Nigel completing, as described in the text?

A job analysis questionnaire

According to the passage, a procurement practice that resulted in adverse impact may be considered legal if:

It is a bona fide occupational qualification (BFOQ)

Why was Psych4a, Inc. able to reject Razel's request for 4 weeks of unpaid leave to have a baby?

The company is not covered under the FMLA

According to the passage, Jay-Z asking a coworker for a date may be considered:

A form of sexual harassment

Is Psych4a's plan to hire Renlily, who did not obtain the minimum score on the machine operator test, legal?

Yes, because they are only changing their rules for one person

A test asking questions about sexual orientation or belief in God might be illegal due to:

Lack of job relevance

Which of the following recruitment methods would Psych4a company NOT use to avoid tying up their phones with numerous applicants?

Advertisements with a phone number

Test your knowledge on employee selection, correlation coefficients, job descriptions, and promotions based on the given scenarios.

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