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What is the backbone of modern-day technological advancements?

What is the result of data processing in a computer?

Which component of a computer takes data through input devices?

What covers a wide range of applications, from telecommunication to computer networking?

Which device is described as a programmable electronic device that processes data according to a sequence of instructions?

What does ICT rely on to deliver efficient communication?

In which generation of computers was the transistor used as a substitute for vacuum tubes?

Which technology enabled the use of millions of transistors in a single chip, leading to the era of Personal Computers (PCs)?

What marked the beginning of widespread commercial use of mainframe computers?

Which technology allowed the exchange of information and ideas among people with a common profession or other interest?

What does WWW stand for?

What significant event altered the way people access the internet, take photos, and make phone calls?

When was the first-ever cellular phone call made?

Which technology allows the hardware resources of a single computer to be divided into multiple virtual machines?

What type of computer development involves artificial intelligence, expert systems, and natural programming language?

What technology used semiconductor memory as main memory in computers?

What is the subset of the internet that refers to all web pages or online content available on the internet in HTML formatted manner?

What is the primary focus of Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Which of the following best describes the Internet of Things (IoT)?

What is the main purpose of Edge Computing?

What is the significance of the historical activity 'Activity Historical Timeline'?

What is the future implication of emerging technologies on the healthcare industry?

What do IoT enabled devices do to smart homes?

What is Industry 4.0 primarily focused on in manufacturing?

What is the main function of the Internet of Things (IoT) in urban planning?

What is the focus of Smart Homes with IoT enabled devices?

What is the main effect of Edge Computing?

What type of activity is 'Technology in Everyday Life'?

What are the key milestones illustrated in the 'Activity Historical Timeline'?

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