Elements of Art in Contemporary Philippine Sculpture and Printmaking

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What art piece depicts the heaven, crucifixion of Christ, earth, Adam and Eve, and hell?

James the Apostle Church in Paete

Which artist is known as the Grand Old Man of Philippine Art?

Fernando Amorsolo

What type of space is described as the part enclosed in a shape?

Positive space

Which type of line signifies gradual change in direction?

Diagonal line

What does a vertical line symbolize in art?


Who discovered the Angono Petroglyphs in 1965?

Carlos “Botong” Francisco

Which architectural design does the original structure built in 1574 and replaced as a church in 1647 follow?


What does negative space represent in art?


What theme is central to Modern Art practice from 1860s to 1960s?

National Identity

Which artist created an art installation symbolizing great festivals for La Milagrosa Festival in Ilocos Norte?

Leeroy New

Test your knowledge on the key elements of art such as proportion, harmony, variety, movement, rhythm, balance, and emphasis. Learn about how these elements are applied in the context of contemporary sculpture and printmaking in the Philippines.

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