Contemporary Art in the Philippines

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How has technology impacted artists in contemporary times?

It has provided them with additional tools and techniques to facilitate the creative process

Which artist uses abstract and representational objects as metaphors for everyday human life?

Alfredo & Isabel Aquilizan

What has the emergence of the internet transformed the world into?

A socially connected, digital society

Who won the prize for new choreographers' composition in the 2012 Wi-Fi Contemporarily Dance Festival?

Danilo Dayo

Which music genre began to be written using local languages in the 1970s?

Original Pilipino Music (OPM)

What role does social media play for artists in contemporary times?

It provides a platform to exhibit and sell their work

Who developed their own version of rock music called 'Rockampampangan'?

Tarlac Based Band: Mermuts

What are artists and scientists doing in contemporary times according to the text?

Devising new ways to enhance human experiences

Which artist premiered the Art of Dance in 2014?

Gia Geguinto

In what ways have scientists, inventors, and entrepreneurs contributed to enhancing human experiences?

By creating new experiences for a public that is hungry for novelty and substance

Test your knowledge about the recent development of contemporary art in the Philippines and its intersection with technology and social media. Explore the vibrant scene and the ways in which artists are leveraging digital tools to express themselves.

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