Contemporary Art Galleries in the Philippines

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What is the main purpose of the Finale Art File gallery?

To showcase the best in contemporary visual arts for the development and promotion of Filipino art and culture locally and internationally.

Which of the following is considered a premier gallery institution in the Philippines?

Finale Art File

What type of works does the Kublai Art Gallery and Davao Contemporary Art Gallery showcase?

Various works by Mindanao's famed artist Kublai Ponce-Millan, as well as different artists from the city.

What is the purpose of the Thirteen Artists Awards?

To mark the turnings in and of Philippine contemporary art, to update its modernizing potential and to assess how artists today engage with other forces in the art world.

Which of the following galleries is not mentioned in the text?

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Which of the following is the leading institution for the arts and culture in the Philippines?

Cultural Center of the Philippines

Which of these museums is known for its permanent collection of works by Philippine National Artist Benedicto Cabrera (BenCab)?

Ben Cab Museum

Which art fair is described as the Philippines' premier international art fair?


Which museum is known for embracing the philosophy of 'art for all' and implementing a vigorous education and community outreach program?

Metropolitan Museum of the Philippines

Which organization is described as the overall policy making body, coordinating, and grants giving agency for the preservation, development and promotion of Philippine arts and culture?

National Commission for Culture and the Arts

Which of the following is described as an educational, scientific, and cultural institution that acquires, documents, preserves, exhibits, and fosters scholarly study and public appreciation of works of art, specimens, and cultural and historical artifacts representative of the unique cultural heritage of the Filipino people and the natural history of the Philippines?

National Museum

Which artist's work focuses on community, personal experience, memory, displacement, and emotional themes?

Alfredo and Isabel Aquilizan

Which artist is recognized as one of the most celebrated Southeast Asian artists in both the academic world and the art market?

Geraldine Javier

Which artist's work focuses on urban landscapes?

Mark Salvatus

Which artist's work explores the consequences of transforming the physicality of an object and how the connotations attached to the originals are affected by the transformation?

Garry-Ross Pastrana

Which artist won a landmark achievement for a Filipino artist by winning the Signature Art Prize given by the Asia-Pacific Breweries Foundation and the Singapore Art Museum in 2011?

Rodel Tapaya

Which artist's work is titled 'Pop Cola Kid' (2013)?

Elmer Misa Borlongan

Explore information about top contemporary art galleries in the Philippines showcasing talented local artists and promoting Filipino art and culture locally and internationally.

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