Electron Transfer in Bioinorganic Chemistry

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What is the main class of chemical reactions involving net electron transfer in proteins?

Redox chemistry

Which metal center illustrates how bioinorganic chemistry uses acid-base chemistry?

Porphyrin-bound iron

What do bioinorganic current carriers usually do with their electrons?

Pass them to enzymes

Which structure is widely encountered in bioinorganic chemistry and resembles the iron-porphyrin group used for dioxygen transport?


What affects the metal potentials quoted for standard conditions in water?

Biological ligands coordination

What role do iron-sulfur clusters and cytochromes play in bioinorganic chemistry?

Electron transfer centers

What is the function of carbonic anhydrase?

Promotes hydrolysis of CO2

Which metal ion is commonly found in the active site of many hydrolytic enzymes?


What is the main function of alkaline phosphatase?

Hydrolysis of phosphate esters

Which metal ion is NOT commonly found in the active site of hydrolytic enzymes?


What is the main function of dehydrogenases in metalloenzyme functions?

Metal-nucleotide chemistry

Why do hydrolytic enzymes often contain Zn2+ ions in their active sites?

To avoid undesired electron-transfer chemistry

What was the first metalloprotein to be discovered with Zn2+ ions?

Transcription factor IIIA (TFIIIA) from the African clawed toad Xenopus

In metalloenzymes, what term is used to describe the molecule being acted upon by the metalloenzyme?


What is the role of Zn2+ ions in most DNA and RNA polymerases?

Structural support

Which bacterial protein regulates the expression of a mercury-detoxification system?

MerR protein

What is the general function of Hydrolytic Enzymes?

Catalyzing addition or removal of water elements in a substrate

What is the central role of Zn2+ ions in proteins containing zinc fingers?

Forming the central core of small nucleic-acid-binding domains

Which metal ion is present in most DNA and RNA polymerases?


What type of gene regulation system depends on the presence or absence of bound metal ions?

Metalloregulatory systems

Which class of proteins involve Zn2+-stabilized domains directly interacting with DNA?

Proteins typified by TFIIIA

What do metalloenzymes do?

Perform specific catalytic functions

Explore how the dioxygen-binding metal center in hemoglobin demonstrates the use of acid-base chemistry and electron transfer reactions in bioinorganic chemistry. Learn about the reversible binding of Lewis base to Lewis acid, and the redox transformations in proteins without catalyzing chemical changes in substrate molecules.

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