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What type of waveform will the AC supply side current have when the load current is assumed to be ripple free?

Constant dc

Which type of converter is a chopper?

dc –dc converter

What is an astable multivibrator primarily used for?

Square wave generation

What is another name for an induction motor?

Asynchronous motor

In AC systems, what does the form factor measure?

Peak value to the rms value ratio

For a balanced delta connected load, what is the phase angle between the line current in delta leg and its equivalent star-phase voltage?


What is the resistance value that must be added to obtain the rated torque at 1000 rpm?


If two transformers have one's linear dimensions twice as large as the other but use the same materials, what is the ratio of their kVA values?


In a three-phase slip induction motor fed from the rotor side with stator side short-circuited, what frequency of current flows in the short-circuited stator winding?

Slip frequency

What happens if the air gap in an induction motor is increased?

Speed will reduce

Which type of motor is most suitable for a computer printer drive?

DC motor

Which of the following motors definitely has a permanent rotor?

Synchronous motor

In a DC machine, what do the carbon brushes do?

Reduce commutator wear and aid commutation

What type of converter is an inverter?

DC to AC converter

Which factor does the electrical resistance of a conductor NOT depend on?

Volume of the conductor

How is the energy stored by a capacitor calculated?


When transforming a 60V voltage source with an internal resistance of 50Ω to a current source, what is the equivalent current source value?


What substance is responsible for slowing down neutrons in a nuclear power plant?


Test your knowledge on transformers in electrical engineering. Questions include calculating resistance for rated torque and determining the ratio of kVA for transformers with different dimensions but same materials.

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