ELEC 1 Semester 1 Chapter 3-4: Marketing Channels and Channel Management Quiz

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What is the purpose of the planning premise or mission statement in the channel planning process?

To establish the direction of the planning activity

What is the focus of the situation analysis in the channel planning process?

Developing an analysis of facts

In the context of distribution channel planning, what is the purpose of determining strategies?

To plan actions and activities calculated to reach specific goals

In distribution management, what is the purpose of discussing channel conflict?

To emphasize the importance of resolving conflicts for smooth operation

What is the significance of express understanding on the elements of physical distribution and its channel institution in retailing and wholesaling?

To comprehend the operational dynamics of retailing and wholesaling channels

What is the primary focus of channel organizing and controlling in distribution management?

Coordinating channel operations to ensure smooth business functioning

What is the main objective of Channel Coordination or Supply Chain Coordination?

To improve supply chain performance by aligning plans and objectives

What is Mega Selling?

Selling millions of units to the buyers by offering huge incentives

What are the essential steps involved in planning and organizing a marketing channel?

Identify various jobs, decide types of agents, and select relationship with individual units

What are some factors that influence the choice and organization of channels?

Geographical concentration of purchasers and buying habits of users

What are the tasks involved in managing product movement?

Product storage, meet unanticipated demand, and offer faster response

What is the main advantage of an exhibition for sellers?

Opportunity to differentiate brands and services

Test your understanding of the components of marketing channels, channel institutions, physical distribution, mega selling, product movement, channel planning, and distribution process in retailing and wholesaling.

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