Marketing Channels and Intermediaries

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What is the term for the practice of linking products to a particular social cause?

Cause-related marketing

What is the term for the mental experience of tension resulting from two conflicting thoughts or beliefs?

Cognitive dissonance

What is the term for the delivery of marketing messages to people who are not aware that they are being marketed to?

Stealth marketing

What is a distribution channel?

A sequence of marketing organizations that directs a product from the producer to the ultimate user

What is the term for dividing a market into different geographical units?

Geographic segmentation

What is the primary function of a functional middleman?

To help in the transfer of ownership of products without taking title

What is the term for the capacity to be useful and provide satisfaction?


What is the term for when customers buy a product from the same supplier again and again?

Customer loyalty

Which type of wholesaler deals in a wide variety of products?

General-merchandise wholesaler

What is the primary goal of selective-demand advertising?

To promote a particular brand of product

What is the process of managing inventory to minimize costs and maximize efficiency?

Inventory management

What is the primary purpose of transportation in the marketing process?

To ship products to customers

Test your knowledge of marketing channels, including the roles of middlemen, merchants, and functional intermediaries in the distribution of products from producers to ultimate users. Learn about the different types of marketing intermediaries and their functions.

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