Ecology: Terrestrial, Freshwater, Estuarine, and Marine Environments

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What is the main focus of evolutionary biology?

Change in the characteristics of a species over several generations

What does Microevolution focus on?

Evolution on the smallest scale or species level

Give an example of Microevolution.

Pesticide resistance or antibiotic resistance

What is the main concern of Macroevolution?

Evolutionary patterns and processes above the species level

What is Paleontology concerned with?

Prehistoric organisms identified and recorded as fossils

What does Micropaleontology study?

Microscopic fossil organisms

Give an example of Paleobotany.

Petrified wood or leaf imprints on rocks

What does Palynology deal with?

Fossilized spores like pollen grains

What does Invertebrate Paleontology focus on?

Fossil animals without backbones

Give an example of an ancient animal studied in Invertebrate Paleontology.


Explore the interrelationships of organisms with various environments, including land, freshwater, estuarine, and marine ecosystems. Learn about the unique characteristics and interactions of organisms in different ecological settings.

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