Terrestrial Biomes: Types and Characteristics

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What is a characteristic of soils in warm, moist climates?

Rapid decomposition

Where can you find high-quality soils?

Along rivers

What is a factor that affects the distribution of biomes?

Water and precipitation

What is the lithosphere?

The soil and rock

What is the biosphere composed of?

All organisms and their environments

What is NOT a factor that affects the distribution of biomes?

Atmospheric pressure

What is the term for a group of individuals of the same species occupying a given area at the same time?


What is the term for the biological components of the earth's systems?


Which of the following is a characteristic of a biome?

Climatically and geographically defined areas of ecologically similar conditions

What is the term for a group of organisms that resemble one another in appearance, behaviour, chemistry, and genetic structure?


Which of the following is an example of an ecosystem?

A forest with trees, animals, and soil organisms

What is the study of the relationships between organisms and their environment?


What is the typical temperature range in the tundra during the harsh winters?

-28°C to -50°C

What is the primary reason for slow decomposition in tundra soils?

Frozen soil layers

Which of the following plant adaptations is likely to be found in the tundra?

Small leaves

What is the geographic characteristic of the taiga biome?

The world's largest land biome

How do the precipitation levels of the tundra and taiga biomes compare?

The text does not provide information on taiga precipitation levels

What is the primary difference between the tundra and taiga biomes in terms of vegetation?

Taiga has more trees than tundra

Explore the 19 types of terrestrial biomes, their key features, and how they correspond to climate variations. Learn about the different biomes, from tundra to desert, and their characteristics. This quiz will test your knowledge of biomes and their distribution.

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