DNA Mutations and Repair Mechanisms

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What is the main mechanism by which new genes/functions arise according to the text?

Gene duplication

Which of the following is NOT mentioned as a factor contributing to the evolution of bacterial genomes?

Ribosomal RNA synthesis

According to the 'Mutation during non-functionality' model, how can new genes emerge?

Through gene duplication and accumulation of mutations in the extra copy

Which term describes a scenario where an extra copy of an existing gene is produced during cell division?

Gene amplification

What is Susumu Ohno's view on the origin of new genes?

'Each new gene must have arisen from an already existing gene.'

Which process involves loss of a duplicated gene due to mutation and drift?

Gene loss

In the context of gene duplication, what does t = 0 represent?

The initial duplication event

How do mutations lead to the emergence of new functions in proteins according to the text?

'Sometimes mutations can impart a new function on protein products.'

'In a strict sense, nothing in evolution is created de novo.' Who is associated with this statement?

'Susumu Ohno'

'Mutation during non-functionality' Model proposes that new genes arise when:

'Extra copies of existing genes accumulate beneficial mutations.'

Learn about DNA mutations, repair mechanisms, types of mutations (such as base substitution and genetic rearrangements) and their resulting phenotypes. Explore concepts like MISSENSE and SYNONYMOUS mutations in this quiz.

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