Disinfectants and Their Properties

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What factor plays a crucial role in determining the degree of killing when using disinfectants and sterilants?

Type of organisms

Which type of organisms are known to be the most resistant to the actions of heat, chemicals, and radiation?


What is a characteristic of mycobacteria that may account for their resistance to chemical and environmental stresses?

Rich in lipids

Which type of disinfectants are more effective against viruses containing lipid-rich envelopes?


Which factor influences the susceptibility of prions to destruction when using disinfectants?


What characteristic makes aldehydes such as glutaraldehyde effective as disinfectants?

Broad spectrum of activity

Which type of disinfectant works by reducing the surface tension of molecules in a liquid?

Quaternary Ammonium Compounds

What is the main use of phenolics in disinfection?

Disinfecting hospital, institutional, and household environments

Why are quaternary ammonium compounds limited to disinfection of noncritical surfaces?

They are not effective against spores or tuberculosis bacteria

Which disinfectant is used in the form of liquid sodium hypochlorite?

Chlorine compounds

What is the characteristic of heavy metals disinfectants that has led to their replacement in clinical applications?

Safety concerns

What is the role of detergents when added to phenol formulations?

Make products that clean and disinfect in one step

What factor determines the exposure time necessary for 99.9% elimination of microorganisms?

Number of Organisms

Which factor influences the amount of disinfectant needed to destroy microorganisms?

Concentration of Disinfecting Agent

How does organic material affect killing activity when disinfecting agents are applied?

Inactivates the disinfecting agent

What can happen if concentrated disinfectants, like povidone-iodine, are not used correctly?

They allow microorganisms to survive

Which type of disinfecting agent is easily inactivated by organic material like blood or mucus?


Why is it important to follow manufacturers' instructions on preparation, dilution, and use of disinfectants?

To ensure proper concentrations for target organism inactivation

Test your knowledge on disinfectants such as iodophors, chlorine compounds, and quaternary ammonium compounds. Learn about their properties, applications, and contact time for effective use.

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