Digestive System Organs and Functions

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What is the main function of the organs in the alimentary canal?

Absorb nutrients

Which organ is not part of the accessory digestive organs?


Where does digestion of food primarily occur?

Small intestine

Which organ is responsible for producing bile?


Which part of the alimentary canal connects the throat to the stomach?


What is the main role of the pancreas in the digestive system?

Secretion of digestive enzymes

What is the space between the lips externally and the teeth and gums internally called?


Where are the palatine tonsils located?

At the posterior end of the oral cavity

What is the function of the oropharynx?

To serve as a passageway for air and food

What is the function of the esophagus?

To conduct food by peristalsis

What is the deepest layer in the alimentary canal organs?


Which structure is attached at the hyoid bone and styloid processes of the skull?


What type of movement propels food to the esophagus in the alimentary canal?

Alternating contractions of longitudinal muscle layer

What is the function of the tonsils in the oral cavity?

Defense against pathogens entering through oral cavity

Learn about the organs of the digestive system, including the alimentary canal and accessory digestive organs. This quiz covers the main groups of organs responsible for digestion, absorption, and defecation.

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