Developmental Stages of Childhood to Older Adulthood Quiz

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What is a characteristic of infancy and young children according to the text?

Dependence on others for support

Which developmental stage involves the ability to physically, intellectually, and emotionally care for oneself?

Middle and Late Childhood

What does interdependence refer to in the context of development?

Achieving self-reliance and respect for others

In what stage does an individual demonstrate a level of respect for others according to the text?


Which phase involves an infant being totally dependent on others for direction and nurturance?


At what age range does toddlerhood typically occur?

1-2 years

What is the focus of instruction for health maintenance of children in infancy and toddlerhood?


During the sensorimotor period, what does object permanence refer to?

The recognition that objects and events exist even when not visible

According to Erikson, what is the central issue during toddlerhood?

Autonomy versus shame and doubt

Which of the following characterizes children in infancy and toddlerhood according to the text?

Short attention spans and easily distracted

What is the main focus of patient education for parents of very young children?

Teaching the importance of safety measures

How can parents help foster development during toddlerhood according to the text?

Talking with and listening to their child

Test your knowledge on the various stages of human development from infancy to older adulthood, including the characteristics and phases associated with each stage.

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