Developmental Stage: Birth to 2 Years

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What is one of the major hallmarks of the preoperational stage of development?

Increased pretend play skills

Which characteristic describes the age range of birth to 2 years?

Understanding object permanence

What does developing object permanence allow children to do?

Attach names and words to objects

In the preoperational stage, what do children become much more skilled at?

Symbolic thinking

At what age range do children begin to think symbolically and use words to represent objects?

2 to 7 years

What concept marks an important element in the development of infants according to Piaget?

Object permanence

During which psychosexual stage does the individual develop a strong sexual interest in the opposite sex?

Genital stage

What is a potential consequence of fixation at the stage of adolescence in Freud's psychosexual theory?

Immaturity and an inability to form fulfilling relationships as an adult

What happens to sexual feelings during the latency stage of psychosexual development according to Freud?

Sexual feelings become inactive

Which psycho-social stage of Erikson's development theory involves the crisis of intimacy vs. isolation?

Young adulthood

According to Freud, what is the potential outcome of fixation at the anal stage of psychosexual development?

Excessive orderliness or messiness

What characterizes the developmental task faced during Erikson's stage of industry vs. inferiority?

Mastering skills and competencies

Which stage of Piaget's cognitive development is characterized by infants and toddlers acquiring knowledge through sensory experiences and manipulating objects?

Sensory motor stage

What is the main way that children experience the world in Piaget's sensory motor stage?

Through basic reflexes, senses, and motor responses

What distinguishes the sensorimotor stage of cognitive development according to Piaget?

Acquisition of knowledge through sensory experiences

Which of the following best describes the nature of learning in the sensorimotor stage?

Through experimentation and interaction with the environment

What type of growth and learning occurs during Piaget's sensorimotor stage?

Dramatic growth and learning

How do children make new discoveries about how the world works during Piaget's sensorimotor stage?

By continuously interacting with their environment

What type of logic do children in the concrete operational stage primarily use?

Inductive logic

Which of the following is a key characteristic of children in the formal operational stage?

Ability to use deductive reasoning

What is a common struggle for children in the concrete operational stage?

Understanding abstract concepts

Which stage marks the point where individuals can see multiple potential solutions to problems?

Formal operational stage

What is a significant cognitive milestone achieved during the concrete operational stage?

Understanding that thoughts are unique to oneself

Which cognitive ability is prominently seen in individuals in the formal operational stage?

Understanding of abstract ideas

What is a key characteristic of adolescents and young adults in terms of thinking according to the text?

They engage in hypothetical thinking

According to Piaget, how does intellectual development progress in children?

Qualitatively, with a fundamental change in how they think as they progress through stages

What type of morality characterizes the preconventional stage of moral development?

Obedience and punishment orientation

In Kohlberg's stages of moral development, what is the focus of Stage 1 - Obedience and Punishment?

Avoiding punishment and obeying authority figures

What is a common theme among adolescents and young adults as they develop according to the text?

Engaging more with philosophical and ethical questions

How does Piaget differ from a simple accumulation of knowledge in describing children's intellectual development?

He emphasizes a qualitative change in how children think

Explore the characteristics of infants in the age range of birth to 2 years old. Learn about how infants perceive the world through their movements and sensations, develop object permanence, and realize their own agency.

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