Developmental Psychology: Genes, Environment, and Intelligence

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Which factor contributes to individual differences in emotionality by providing unique experiences to the individual?

What term is used to describe the effects of genes depending on the environment we experience?

What strongly influences Intelligence, but is also affected by parental stimulation, education, and peer influence?

Which type of environmental influences work to make individuals similar through common experiences, such as parenting style?

What is the term for the gene-environment correlation where a child's genotype evokes certain reactions from other people?

Which of the following best represents heredity?

What is the term for the combination of economic and social factors describing an individual or family?

What is the term for an identifiable biological category, more accurately defined as a social construct?

Which gene-environment correlation refers to parents providing for their children being influenced partly by the parents’ genotypes?

What influences stem from the outside body, starting from conception throughout life?

What is a society's or group's total way of life known as?

'Nuclear and Extended Family' fall under which context of development?

What are people differing in gender, height, weight, and body build; in health and energy level, etc. collectively referred to as?


Explore the interplay between genes and the environment in developmental psychology, as well as the impact on intelligence. Learn about epigenetics, gene-environment interaction, and the multifaceted influences on intelligence from sources like Papalia, Santrock, and Sigelman-Rider.

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