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What is the term used for data collected from the original source?

Raw data

Which type of validity refers to the extent to which a research instrument accurately measures all aspects of a construct?

Content Validity

What do you call data obtained from secondary sources such as reports, books, journals, and documents?

Secondary data

What is the term used for the appropriateness of the interpretations that can be made with survey responses?


How do you call the extent to which a research instrument measures the intended construct?

Construct Validity

What are the different sampling techniques used in data collection?

Random sampling, Stratified sampling, Convenience sampling

What does reliability refer to in the context of survey questions?

The degree that a set of survey questions measure a similar characteristic

Which type of interview yields the highest response rate in survey research?


What is the distinct advantage of a face-to-face interview?

Enabling the researcher to establish rapport with potential participants

What is the main purpose of questionnaires?

To extract data from respondents

What is the attribute of equivalence in the context of research instruments?

The consistency among responses of multiple users of an instrument

Which type of questionnaire can be sent to a large number of people and saves the researcher’s time and money?


What is the purpose of observation in research?

To gather data by watching behaviour and events

What is the attribute of stability in the context of research instruments?

The consistency of results using an instrument with repeated testing

Which type of questionnaire is filled out and administered by the respondents themselves?


What principle states that a test can be considered reliable, but not valid?

Principle 1

Test your knowledge of data collection procedures, sampling plans, and sampling techniques. Also, challenge yourself to formulate words associated with given pictures and contemplate on questions for a flashback scenario. The quizzes cover various aspects of data collection and word association.

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