Elementary Statistics Unit 2: Data Collection & Sampling

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What is the main characteristic of Snowball Sampling?

Research participants recruit other members for the study.

When is Snowball Sampling particularly useful?

When participants might be hard to find.

Which sampling technique involves selecting participants based on a specific characteristic or trait?

Stratified Sampling

What differentiates Systematic Sampling from Simple Random Sampling?

Systematic Sampling involves selecting participants at regular intervals.

In which sampling technique do researchers select participants purely based on their availability and accessibility?

Convenience Sampling

What is a key advantage of Simple Random Sampling?

It ensures representation of various population segments.

What is the main drawback of convenience sampling?

It lacks objectivity

What is the key characteristic of quota sampling?

Determination of proportions for subgroups in the population

What is the basis for selecting respondents in purposive sampling?

Satisfaction of specific criteria

Why might a researcher choose convenience sampling?

For ease and convenience

Which sampling method involves drawing a sample that mirrors the proportions of subgroups in the population?

Quota Sampling

What distinguishes purposive sampling from other sampling methods?

Selection based on specific criteria set by researchers

What is the primary focus of Statistics as discussed in the text?

Collection, presentation, analysis, and interpretation of data

Why is it important to determine a sample size in a population?

To ensure the study is representative of the population

What is the significance of learning different sampling techniques?

To gather data more effectively and choose samples scientifically

Which of the following is NOT a reason for learning both probability and non-probability sampling techniques?

To choose samples randomly

What is the key learning outcome related to data collection methods in this unit?

Identifying types of data collection methods for researches

Why is it necessary to apply the appropriate sampling technique during data collection?

To guarantee the representativeness of the sample collected

Learn about data collection methods and sampling techniques in elementary statistics. Explore different methods for collecting data and determining sample sizes in a population.

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