Elementary Statistics and Probability Unit 2: Data Collection and Sampling Techniques Introduction

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Why is it important to determine a sample size in a population?

To guarantee that the research study is accurate and representative

What is the main difference between probability and non-probability sampling techniques?

Probability sampling requires random selection while non-probability sampling does not

Which of the following is NOT a type of data collection method?


In a research study, what does 'applying the appropriate sampling technique' refer to?

Using a method that matches the research objectives and population characteristics

Why is it necessary to learn both probability and non-probability sampling techniques?

To ensure researchers understand different approaches based on their study needs

What could happen if a small sample size is used in a research study?

The results may not be reflective of the entire population

Which sampling technique lacks objectivity in the selection process?

Convenience Sampling

What is the defining feature of Quota Sampling?

Equal representation of subgroups in the population

In which type of sampling are respondents chosen based on their knowledge of the desired information?

Purposive Sampling

What is a common reason for using Convenience Sampling?

Convenience for researchers

If a study aims to determine the teenager’s most favorite brand of t-shirt without using randomization, which sampling technique is suitable?

Quota Sampling

What kind of criteria are used in Purposive Sampling to select respondents?

Objective criteria chosen by researchers

What is the main characteristic of Snowball Sampling as described in the text?

Research participants recruit other members for the study.

In which situation would Snowball Sampling be most beneficial?

Investigating the social networks of homeless individuals.

Which sampling technique involves selecting participants based on pre-defined characteristics?

Stratified Sampling

What makes Convenience Sampling different from Snowball Sampling?

Convenience Sampling involves selecting samples without any specific criteria.

Which sampling technique involves dividing the population into smaller groups before sampling?

Cluster Sampling

Why might researchers choose Simple Random Sampling over Snowball Sampling for a study?

Simple Random Sampling guarantees representative samples.

Learn about data collection methods and sampling techniques in statistics. This unit covers the types of data collection methods used in various studies, the importance of determining sample size, and different sampling techniques.

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