Data Analytics Trends and Web Mining

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What percentage of clients left the site after 4 or less references?

What fills the information gap between web users and web designers?

Which of the following is NOT mentioned as a challenge in data analytics according to the text?

What percentage of clients who accessed /products/software/webminer.html are likely to be from educational institutions?

What is the distribution of user session duration used for in Path and Usage Pattern Discovery?

What is the relationship between clients who placed an online order for WEBMINER and those who placed another online order for software within 15 days?

In the context of web transactions, what does P(X v Y) represent in association rules?

What is the purpose of discovering similarity among sets of items across transactions in data mining?

Based on the given example from the text, what is the confidence level for the association {Badminton, Diving} ===> {Table Tennis}?

What is a key challenge associated with session inference from web transaction logs?


Explore the trends in data analytics and the significance of web mining in bridging the gap between web users and web designers. Learn about the use of data in acquiring competitive advantage and adding intelligence to businesses.

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