Dale’s Cone of Experience in Instructional Design

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Which board is commonly used with felt pieces to create interactive scenes or stories during teaching?

What is the primary material used for a traditional blackboard (chalkboard)?

What kind of board is often used for pinning up notices, announcements, or visual aids?

Which of the following is a three dimensional aid?

What is the primary advantage of a Magnetic Board (Magnet Board)?

According to Dale's Cone of Experience, which method is considered the least effective for learning?

What was Edgar Dale's main theory regarding learners and retention of information?

Which instructional design model is associated with the Cone of Experience?

What are the advantages of a Whiteboard (Dry Erase Board) over a Blackboard (Chalkboard)?

What material is a Flannel Board (Felt Board) covered with?


Test your knowledge of Dale’s Cone of Experience, a model incorporating various theories related to instructional design and learning processes, which emphasizes learning through activity over passive methods. Explore the different levels of learning effectiveness according to Edgar Dale's research.

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