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What is NOT typically included in an academic proposal?


When is a feasibility report ordered by the Client?

After the acceptance of the project proposal

What follows the decision to proceed with a project after feasibility study?

Design Report

What is a key element in a design report?


Who prepares a tender report?


What is the purpose of the Conclusion and Recommendation section in a feasibility report?

To make a decision based on correct analysis

What is the correct order of main elements in a dissertation or thesis?

Introduction, Literature Review, Methodology, Results and Discussion, Conclusion and Recommendations

Where is the abstract typically placed in a dissertation or thesis?

Before the introductory chapter

Which section is included in project proposals but not in dissertations or theses?

Executive Summary

In an academic proposal for a higher degree, when is it typically presented?

Before conducting the research

Which section of a project proposal includes facilities, personnel, and work plan?

Proposed Method of Work

What is included in a typical project proposal but not in a dissertation or thesis?

Cost Estimates

What are the main elements of an Environmental Audit Report?

Introduction, Methodology, Results, Conclusion and Recommendations

Which document includes 'Plant or building description with as-built drawings' as one of its main elements?

Operation and Maintenance Manuals

What is included in the main elements of a Tender Report?

Introduction, Method of assessment and analysis, Systems operating procedure, Maintenance work and schedule

Which document includes 'Project Description' as one of its main elements?

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Report

What is NOT a part of the main elements of the 'Summary of Main Elements'?

Conclusion and Recommendations

Which document does NOT include 'Systems operating procedure' as a main element?

Environmental Audit Report

Test your knowledge on the main elements of technical report writing based on the reference material 'Technical Report Writing' by Ogedengbe et al (2005). The quiz covers different types of reports, their elements, and discusses the elements of dissertations or thesis.

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