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Technical Report Writing Quiz

Test your knowledge of preparing and writing technical reports, including the importance, purpose, and target audience of engineering reports. Explore the different elements and styles of technical writing in the context of engineering.

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Each Technical Report of a project should have a focused topic that is developed.


The topic should be developed according to the attitude in a thorough, logical, and orderly fashion. Throughout, the author should be helpful to the reader.


A report must describe research, explain the problem or issue studied, and discuss research method.


The author of a technical report should not be helpful to the reader.

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A report should describe the data collected and the research findings.

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Study Notes

The Importance of Technical Writing

  • Engineers perform technical writing to communicate pertinent information to upper management, enabling informed decisions that affect a company's future.
  • Technical writing involves conveying technical information and conclusions about projects to various stakeholders, including customers, managers, legal authorities, and fellow engineers.

Characteristics of Technical Reports

  • Technical reports follow a specific layout and format, as specified by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).
  • A technical report should:
    • Explain the purpose and methodology of the project
    • Present discoveries and significant findings
    • Clearly identify what is novel about the work and its relation to prior knowledge
    • Have a focused topic
  • The report should provide a clear summary of the project, including what was done, why it was done, and what was discovered.

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