Cultural Barriers to Healthcare Access

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Which food should be included in a high fiber diet?

What food should be avoided by a patient on a gluten-free diet?

What is the main difficulty experienced by a patient with functional urinary incontinence?

What should the nurse do when starting a 24-hour urine collection for a patient?

Which nonpharmacological pain-relief technique is appropriate for a confused, nonverbal patient?

Which medications are classified as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications?

Which is the best menu option for a patient with celiac disease?

Which is the highest priority nursing diagnosis for a patient with dysphagia following a stroke?

Which nursing diagnosis is appropriate for a patient with impaired oral mucus membranes related to irritation from a nasogastric tube?

Which nursing action is appropriate when a patient spills some of the urine collected for a 24-hour urine analysis?

Which nursing diagnoses are appropriate for an older adult patient with a constant urge to void due to a bladder infection?

What finding is expected when assessing a patient who had surgery to remove most of the large intestine?


Test your knowledge on cultural barriers to healthcare access with this quiz. Learn about the importance of providing culturally sensitive care and discover common challenges faced by individuals from diverse backgrounds. Find out which factors can create barriers to accessing healthcare services and improve your understanding of promoting inclusive healthcare practices.

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