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In a nonpersistent CSMA protocol, what is the first step when the medium is idle?

Transmit immediately

For unslotted nonpersistent CSMA, what factor reduces the probability of collisions?

Random backoff time

What is the throughput equation for slotted nonpersistent CSMA?

(1 - e^-αG) / (1 + α)

What happens if the backoff time in nonpersistent CSMA is too long?

It wastes idle time

Which factor influences the throughput in nonpersistent CSMA protocols?

Random delay duration

What is the purpose of Distributed Inter Frame Space (DIFS) in CSMA/CA?

To define the period of time each terminal must wait before transmitting

How does a terminal choose when to start transmitting after DIFS in CSMA/CA?

By picking a random number of slots within the contention window

When does a terminal freeze its backoff counter in CSMA/CA?

When other terminals start transmitting during its backoff time

What does the contention window determine in CSMA/CA?

The number of slots each terminal must wait before transmitting

In CSMA/CA, what happens if a terminal tries to transmit and senses the medium is busy?

It waits until the current transmission ends and then starts DIFS countdown

Why does a terminal pick a random number of slots within the contention window before transmitting in CSMA/CA?

To introduce random delays and minimize collisions

What does DIFS stand for in the context of wireless communication?

Distributed Inter Frame Space

What happens when the backoff interval of a node reaches zero in a CSMA/CA protocol?

The node immediately transmits its data

In the context of the text, what does CW = 31 refer to?

Contention Window

What role does Random Delay play in the CSMA/CA protocol?

It helps nodes choose random backoff intervals

Why does a node freeze its backoff interval when it detects the medium as busy?

To reduce the probability of collision

What is the purpose of Distributed Inter Frame Spacing (DIFS) in wireless communication?

To introduce a delay between transmissions by different stations

Test your knowledge about CSMA/CA (Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Avoidance) in Wireless & Mobile Systems based on the book 'Introduction to Wireless & Mobile Systems, 4th Edition' by Agrawal and Zeng. The quiz covers topics like Contention, DIFS (Distributed Inter Frame Spacing), Contention Window, Medium Busy, and Backoff mechanisms.

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