Geology Basics

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What is the principal observation that supports Alfred Wegener's Continental Drift Theory?

What is the geological time division that is characterized as the age of reptiles?

Which geological process is responsible for the formation of rift valleys and block mountains?

Approximately how many years ago is the Earth believed to have been formed?

Which process is responsible for modifying and roughening volcanic and structural landforms?

What is the main focus of Geology?

How does Geology obtain a great deal of understanding?

Which method provides clues about the origin of rocks?

What was the name of the single huge continent that the Earth's continents were once bunched up together into?

What happened to the large super continent, Pangaea?


Test your knowledge of the fundamental concepts of geology, including the study of Earth's evolution, materials, and processes. This quiz will explore geological events, features, and the methods used to understand them through inference and measurement.

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